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"I went on Kirinari's first trip to the snow, it was so much fun. The best part was tobogganing and making snow cones. I can't wait to do more trips like this one."

- Wade, customer. 

Social and Community Participation- Its all about what makes you smile

Expression of Interest form for Social, Rec. and Community Participation 


If you're keen to try something new, stay active, and be more independent, our community participation services could be what you're looking for.  

Have you ever rock climbed?
Have you ever run through the waves at the beach?
Have you ever been camping?
Have you ever thought about being able to cook food for yourself?
Have you ever ridden the train or rode a motorbike?
Have you ever thought about studying at TAFE or University?
Have you ever thought about buying a car or bike? But need help budgeting and saving?
Have you ever thought of something you would like to do? Yet not been able to achieve it for whatever reason?

Here at Kirinari we understand that life is about happiness and having fun. Our dedicated team can work with you to explore what fun is to you. If you need ideas about what makes you happy, or the things you could be doing, then come down and have a chat to our team!


Contact us to find out what could make you smile!