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Section Menu

Left Menu Panelbar

Menu Structure

The menu consists of a hierarchy of items, usually folders. The items on one level are exposed when the parent item on the previous level is expanded. At the top level are the root items, which are always visible. Each root item may have, nested within it, a set of child items. Children of the root items are considered level 2 items. Child items may have, nested within them, their own sets of folders. Children of level 2 items are considered level 3 items; children of level 3 items are considered level 4 items; and so on.

Semantic Rendering for Minimal HTML

The CM menu control implements a highly efficient semantic rendering, which uses list items and CSS instead of tables. As a result the HTML output is significantly reduced, which dramatically improves performance.

Multiple menus

Configure multiple user-specific menus (eg a different menu for each department in a company). Each area of a site can have its own look & feel, with the option of different left/top menus.