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Who is Elcom
Elcom is one of Australia's leading and most prolific web application development companies. Elcom Technology is a developer of Enterprise Content Management Solutions (ECMS) and online commerce for secure Internet, Extranet and Intranet sites. Elcoms suite of innovative products enables business & government to take advantage of the internet to build websites, portals, B2B & B2C systems.
How to tame your Intranet
An intranet is one of the most valuable tools an organisation can have if it is relevant, up-to-date, user-friendly, and saves time and money. Unfortunately most intranets are not well-maintained. They are out-of-date, stagnant, chaotic, difficult to maintain and they cost their companies thousands of dollars in inefficiencies.
What is Web Content Management
Web Content Management Systems (WCM or WCMS), are systems (usually web based) that facilitate the creation, management and delivery of information (content and documents), typically via corporate websites, portals, extranets or intranets.