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Our Vision, Mission and Values are the foundation of our organisation



Our Vision is:

Individuals have equity and choice to achieve the potential in their lives.


 Our Mission/Purpose is:

To enrich the lives of our customers through individualised solutions and choices by providing: 

  • High quality services;
  • High quality support; and
  • Great places to live.


Our Values are:


We have a customer driven focus within the constraints of our capacity and obligations - it is not what we want, but what the customer needs that determines what we do.



The environment we work in is often challenging for everyone involved - we need to be reflective and supportive of each other. 

We need to build positive relationships and find time to enjoy the lighter moments



We do our best to take everyone's perspective into account

We know we cannot always meet everyone's expectations, but we will do our best to help others understand what we can do and why.

We will always think of the impact of what we do on others and include others in our decision making where it is practical to do so.



We will be open and honest and expect others to treat us the same way.

 We strive to do what is the right thing to do and welcome constructive feedback on how we can improve.

 We will not walk past something we know is not right.



Thoughtful considerations are welcomed.

 Our Actions are in the best interests of our customers, our staff and our community - as a collective.



We are accountable and we need others to be accountable to us - everyone is responsible for owning the issue



We need to be adaptable, flexible, tolerant, understanding, supportive and patient - but we will not procrastinate or be complacent.