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We encourage people to gain more control over their own lives, and to become valued members of their community

Here at Kirinari we are experienced in continuously finding ways to improve our customer’s lives. Active Support is a proven model that focuses on every person’s engagement and contribution. People are encouraged to be apart of all activities throughout the day and in all aspects of their own life.

Robert one of our support workers is an Active Support Trainer and is sharing his thoughts on  Active Support and deliver training throughout Kirinari. Below is a short story Robert wrote regarding Active Support Training with Russell.


"The photo above is of Russell Clarke, as he helped me clean the windows here at his home today. Did we get all of the windows cleaned? No, we didn’t. Did Russell participate? Yes he did.

 Client participation is priority.

Had the windows been absolutely filthy for any particular reason, then getting them clean would be the priority, but that is very rare as they are cleaned regularly. Today, as the windows are just “average” and need a bit of a clean up, it is far more beneficial to take twice as long to complete the job and get the residents involved.

What we did not get finished, we can do next fortnight. It’s not about finishing the task, it is about supporting residents to reach their fullest potential and keeping them active, both mind and body. It’s about making them feel useful….not useless. They can help, and often like to where possible.

Russell sat in the fresh air, with his back to the sun and was very helpful in holding all of my window cleaning tools for me, and passing them to me. Is it about the level of help that Russell is capable of? No. Is it about supporting Russell to do whatever he can with his limitation's? Yes.

Russell got to sit in the sun, talk about coffee and the Milawa bakery, and going to the nail joint to have his nails cut, and coffee again, and what’s for lunch, and then coffee again…..He seemed to have so much to talk about that he did not know where to start, so he started with coffee. All the while Russell enjoyed the positive health benefits of fresh air and vitamin D from the sun.

What is the alternative? I could leave Russell sitting on the couch with nobody to talk to, watching a TV that he can not see getting absolutely NO stimulation whatsoever. There is no doubt that I would have gotten the windows cleaned more efficiently…..but it’s not about efficiency! It’s about active support.


Gone are the days where residents sit on the couch and we do everything for them.




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